About Us

Woodpro Cabinetry Manufacturing Plant

Founded in 1977, Woodpro Cabinetry brings premier, custom bathroom cabinetry to customers across North America. Our commitment to craftmanship and American manufacturing ensures a quality product.

Woodpro's success comes from developing and trusting our people to do the right thing. When our respected and motivated Woodpro team is combined with our focus on customers, then clearly, the customer is the winner. Woodpro manufactures cabinetry in one of the industry's fastest cycle times using Lean manufacturing concepts to assure consistent product quality. With the Woodpro Quality-On-Time (QOT) System, special orders can be produced and delivered in the same quick cycle as stock cabinetry. The system must be working since our fill rate has averaged over 99% since 1993.



We do what’s right – for our customers, partners, employees, and the environment.

We do our very best and take responsibility for our actions and our inaction.

We create trust by treating people the way we'd like to be treated.



To bring Personalized Bath Cabinetry, produced and delivered on-time, to homes across North American —- by use of lean operations, efficient systems, continuous improvement and a clear focus on customers and teammates.



To make to order and deliver Personalized Bath Cabinetry in 10-14 business days after our customer's order cut-off day — and to do so with less than 1% backorders and less than 1% quality and shipping damage returns.